Our Pasta on the
Tables of the world

Grandi Pastai Italiani

Grandi Pastai Italiani propone i sapori e la sapienza della migliore tradizione italiana della pasta fresca.

Una storia raccontata dal 1961, con la nostra passione.

Perché gesti semplici portano sempre grandi emozioni.

About us

The strategies of a company operating in a global market require the following: vision, ideas, resources, actions adapted to purpose and strong determination.

We at Grandi Pastai Italiani are confi dent that we have the qualities required: our ideas for continued growth and the methods that focus the objectives, ideas and actions required, supported by a strong determination and commitment; an ensemble of factors which has contributed to the signifi cant development of recent years, despite recent market trends.
These values provide the context for the concrete realisation of our medium- to long-term Strategic Plan which, however, takes due account of changes in a company fully attuned to a continuously evolving sector and market.
This plan is not simply a book of dreams, but rather a credible development plan; a proper balance between pragmatism and creative innovation, prudence and optimism, which makes us confi dent and fully determined to build a more solid future, one that represents a source of justifi ed pride for all.
The economic resources which we wish to invest and also the confi dence that we are a united and competent team, rich with talent to be optimised, gives us a sense of quiet conviction that we will continue to play an important role in this sector.