Our Pasta on the
Tables of the world

Grandi Pastai Italiani

Grandi Pastai Italiani propone i sapori e la sapienza della migliore tradizione italiana della pasta fresca.

Una storia raccontata dal 1961, con la nostra passione.

Perché gesti semplici portano sempre grandi emozioni.

The corporate culture

Our corporate culture is based on transparency, honesty, responsibility and knowledge – values which represent the fundamental point of reference for all collaborators.
In the constant search for improvement, steered by a management which oversees all company activities, particular attention is devoted to training, with a view to further developing the professional abilities of all those operating in the company, optimising the capacity for initiative and reinforcing the kindred sense of belonging and team spirit, key factors of excellence which will satisfy internal and external Clients and help consolidate our position in international markets.