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Grandi Pastai Italiani

Grandi Pastai Italiani propone i sapori e la sapienza della migliore tradizione italiana della pasta fresca.

Una storia raccontata dal 1961, con la nostra passione.

Perché gesti semplici portano sempre grandi emozioni.


A complete range of products to meet all your needs

Grandi Pastai Italiani proposes tastes and knowhow which refl ect the fi nest of Italian traditions when it comes to fresh pasta: it offers a wide range of products ranging from the assortment of fi lled pasta to potato gnocchi, from smooth pasta to durum wheat pasta and ready-to-serve pasta and gnocchi dishes, including special pasta shapes and original, high-end gourmet products. Made using fresh, genuine ingredients and all our passion for good things, both our pasta products and gnocchi stand out due to the variety of shapes, the recipes of our exclusive, soft fi llings, all made by us and that inimitable, distinctive taste reminiscent of the tastes of bygone days.