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Grandi Pastai Italiani

Grandi Pastai Italiani propone i sapori e la sapienza della migliore tradizione italiana della pasta fresca.

Una storia raccontata dal 1961, con la nostra passione.

Perché gesti semplici portano sempre grandi emozioni.

Smooth egg pasta durum wheat pasta

Great recipes are created from great ingredients

Specialities of the great tradition of our region offer you the chance to rediscover the taste of pasta from yesteryear: simple to prepare, perfect for everyday cooking, healthy and genuine.

Smooth egg pasta – We use ultra-fresh eggs from controlled chicken farms feed and blends of the best quality durum and soft wheat fl our to give our smooth egg pasta its unique, unmistakable taste.

Durum wheat pasta – For our durum wheat pasta we use selected blends of fl our in order to give our pasta the taste of fi nest traditional Italian pasta and a unique consistency.