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Grandi Pastai Italiani

Grandi Pastai Italiani propone i sapori e la sapienza della migliore tradizione italiana della pasta fresca.

Una storia raccontata dal 1961, con la nostra passione.

Perché gesti semplici portano sempre grandi emozioni.


QUALYTY GUARANTEED AT SOURCE – Scrupulous monitiring of raw materials
We have complete control of the supply chain for all our raw materials, whether they are considered strategic or not, as this is an explicit requisite of our Culture of Quality: superfi ne durum wheat fl our, potato fl akes, soft wheat fl our, eggs, meat, processed meats, cheese, vegetables and many others. To achieve this, we select our suppliers for their product quality, reliability and willingness to work in partnership. They are all inspected regularly by our Quality Managers who not only carry out the specifi ed controls, they also offer suppliers the benefi t of the knowhow of Grandi Pastai Italiani to continue improving the quality of raw materials and guarantee the safety of our products. This translates into the stipulation of stringent procurement specifi cations, rigorous Quality Inspections of incoming goods and routine audits to safeguard conformity at our suppliers’ premises.

SUPERIOR QUALYTY RAW MATERIALS – Eat healthier, tastier food
We use the best superfi ne durum wheat fl our and soft wheat fl our in the world to make our fresh and dried pasta. Our fi llings are made with the best cuts of meat, superior quality processed meats and cheese, and the choicest, freshest vegetables.
Our gnocchi are made with potato fl akes selected for their fl avour, colour and consistency and 100% Italian coarseground “granito” fl our, ideal for making dough with the right degree of softness.